The Walkley Awards are all about Excellence in Journalism. And now, one assumes, Pugilism. So after the kerfuffle between Crikey’s Stephen Mayne and NewsCorp’s Glenn Milne we ask – what award will Glenn Milne will receive?

“Come on settle down, it’s nothing special – just another pissed journo,” he(Stephen Mayne) told the audience.

He appeared unfazed by the incident and said he had a special announcement to make on behalf of Rupert Murdoch.

“That is the former Sunday Telegraph political correspondent Glenn Milne, sponsored by Fosters,” he said

Glenn Milne waltzing with security(?) at the Walkley Awards. Foto gracias to The Age

The ABC reported on it, as did The Age, NineMSN and Sydney Morning Herald. Oh and Sky News Australia. Eight blogs have picked up on it.. so far. I think this is going to be huuuuuge in the blogosphere. And no, not just at The Other Cheek or Tim Blair. I love it – Journalism Generated Content as reported by Citizen Media. I had an extremely boozy night myself last night – but nothing so interesting as this. Not even a wardrobe malfunction. Clearly, I hang out with the wrong crowd…