Courseware for Social Media Workshops

I’m going to gradually, as time permits, migrate all my courseware across to the new format, offer it for free download under Creative Commons for download (lulu or scribd), or physical colour workbooks via publish on demand Lulu ( . WARNING: I’ve ordered the new format printed workbook from Lulu but I need to check formatting, make sure fonts etc haven’t gone mad. Check back here – I’ll remove the warning in 3 days when the workbook arrives. 

By the way, the converting, uploading and distributing of this content for free would go faster if I have a SPONSOR. hint hint. Otherwise it’s a weekend, evenings job I guess. In other words, don’t get mad if I seem slow! Here’s the first one.

COURSEWARE: Social Media PR Crisis Communication

Scribd offers a YouTube style embed, Lulu offers both hardcopy and a free download service.


Let me know what you think. I’m also setting up SocialWebForum for students/clients/companies to ask questions on social media and courses. Feel free to participate as an expert (consultant) or as a student (attendee). Am looking for helpers with SocialWebForum, not just forum participants.

My courseware is under Creative Commons Attribute and Non Derivative. So it is available for COMMERCIAL purposes – just download for free or order the printed workbooks cheaply on Lulu. But you can’t change it in anyway without emailing me first (hint: removing my name from the book and just adding it as a tiny postscript ain’t on). If you really need to slap your company logo all over the front page, or edit it for some non-nefarious purpose, just email me so I can confirm the licence change for you. 

Please please use the courseware, write back comments/suggestions/criticisms, blog about it, RETWEET it. Social media that is not discussed does not exist. I hope some one finds this first workbook useful. But remember, it’s just a foundation – you have to bring your own case studies, experience and skills as a trainer to provide attendees with a clear, practical foundation in social media skills. 

The Social Network courseware I have produced over the last 4 or 5 years includes Monetizing and Revenue in Social Media, Creating Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Social Media for Arts, TV and Film workshops, Measuring and Analytics for Social Media, Social Media workbooks for Art Galleries, Museums, Archivists and Libraries. Others for Education, Government, Entertainment (general). Promotions and Event Management with Social Media. Other PR workbooks for example are How to Create a Social Media Press Release (used to be Multimedia Content For Bloggers) and Blogger Relations. H.R., Recruitment and Social Networks. How to Build and Manage a Forum Community (was How To Build and Maintain an Online Community), Social Network Economies – Banking, Telecommunications and Publishing. Game Moderating in Virtual Worlds, Leadership and Innovation in MMORPGs. World of Warcraft for Future Business Leaders, Workshop on Profile, Identity, Trust and Reputation in Social Networks.  Social Networks and Small/Medium Size Businesses (same as Dept State & Regional Dev. courseware) and Social Networks for Not For Profits (was Volunteers, Fundraising and Online Communities). You might already have the How to Blog for Business, How to Facebook for Business and How to Twitter for Business but the new format will be also up soon. And a bunch of others. The first three I’ll probably convert first will be Monetizing and Measurement and Event Management courseware, possibly also Enterprise 2.0: Social Media behind the Firewall unless you have a preference for one of the others?