I think it’s been a couple of years since I last ran this course – dunno why, maybe because it’s not business focussed specifically, more a general, handson, computer, How To Blog Course (1 full day), on 30th May at the University of Sydney. 


Course description:

Been thinking about creating a blog for your business or hobby? If you are a budding writer, have a passion for your hobby, are travelling soon and want to keep a travel photo diary online or simply have something to say, this course will teach you the basics of blogging and how to gain a readership. (book here, download pdf, check out stuff

If you pay attention in class, don’t Tweet on Twitter, don’t make Friends on Facebook, don’t upload Music on MySpace I might even sign one of those University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education Certificates for you. The one that licences you to Go Forth and Blog. God Help Us All.