Tiny Little Division is a blogspot Corporate blog of Shoebox (click for standard Shoebox site at Hallmark Cards). But as corporate blogs go, it’s very very gonzo. And as a result, hilarious. You’d have to be a particularly brave company to take this route but the rewards for both staff and fans must be enormous:
I think the combination of humor cards (always a fun way of wasting time at the cardshop) and the ability to comment back is a winner. I hope this takes off.

Have a look at the Funny But No:

Funny, But NO (from the Dad vault)

ly about 20% of what gets turned in gets accepted and becomes a Shoebox card.
Here, we feature the other 80%.

FBN #568:
Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, a real straight arrow…
At least I assume you’re straight, what with the family and all.

FBN #47:
A Dad is someone who can hug you while at the same time contemplate getting a vasectomy.

(Not fathers day)

FBN #178:
I smell birthday cake!
And occasio
nally, my index finger. But you don’t want to know about that.

and so on. enjoy. You can Digg it here.