Consumers blocking your social media marketing

Ok you’ve invested time and energy into developing a Facebook application or a widget or whatever. You are competing against other hot marketing types with their company’s social networking strategies. But I bet you didn’t see this one coming…

… the consumers en masse take action to block you from their networks.

You can block single applications in Facebook:

Click on the application name in the request, then on the right sidebar of the app’s description page, there is a “Block Application” link. (from Andrew Harvey)

Or you can block everything in Facebook:

Ignore All bookmarklet makes ignoring Facebook app requests a snap

Jason Preston • January 22nd, 2008 •

A while ago I made a post outlining what I think is probably the best solution to the Facebook app request problem (the problem: there are WAY too many of them).

And just now I noticed that JoJotheBandit had left a comment with a link to a bookmarklet he made that clears out all the outstanding Facebook app requests with one click.

Since I haven’t bothered to ignore any of the app requests I’ve gotten for a while, I thought I’d give it a shot. It works like a charm. Check out the video (I did narrate this, but apparently my mic was acting weird) (from webcommunity forum)

Voiceless video on how to use the block all bookmark in Facebook.

Social Media is not just another media channel. It has it’s own rules. And some of them are anti-marketing.

Hat tip: Steven Noble.

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  1. Noticed on Facebook just now, an official solution!

    “Too many requests?
    We’ve added a “clear all” option for when you have more than 25 requests waiting on your Requests page.”

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