I’ve had a quick look around for the best of the best of consumer ads. Here’s my pick:
The Tiger Woods/Nike ad by Joseph Jaffe.
I created it on my laptop and apologies for not being able to insert the swoosh at the end, although I think it works just as well just the same.
Nike eventually used the shot themselves with crappy tag lines like “We gave you a wedge with more feel. You showed us what it could do.” And they paid to show it primarily on the golf channel. Like most people, I prefer Jaffe’s simple ad that he knocked up for fun and that got shipped around the ‘net like lightning.

Gotta love the consumer generated ad for Ipod (George Masters). I’ve uploaded it to my FTP server here. Master the art of the middle finger, err Cabbie Driving here – this one ended up being bought by the customer from the director (Krabby). I suspect it was to stop it from being distributed on the ‘net. Didn’t work.

Ah well, Specspot (TV’s not ready for this) has two rating sections. Entertainment Value:Is it funny/compelling/interesting etc? and Advertising Value: Does this make you more likely to purchase the product/service being advertised? Ratings of ads will be everything in a future where all is customisable.

Just to show that ad agencies aren’t out of the running, here’s a cute one from Direct Agency for Victorias Secret. Oh and ViralX.com has a bunch of viral videos too…