A VCAM – user generated ad on current.tv
Consumer generated ads. (or User Generated Advertising, if you are old-skool). The one above is a VCAM from current.tv
Background: I’ve spoken about current.tv before: here, let me copy and paste, so much easier:

For those of you who’ve never heard of ’em, current.tv is a user generated channel with user generated ads. Oh shi….vers. I mean consumer generated media. Al Gore is the Chairman. 52 million viewers create the shows and choose the ones to go to air and create the ads and so on.

Now consumer generated advertising has been around for a while – here’s a December 2005 post and *laughs* I have a great story for how I eventually met Joseph Jaffe in real life. But not today: today I want to show how it’s all moving along.

VCAM: Viewer Created Ad Messages

We also pay for your ads.

Viewer-Created Ad Messages (VCAMs) are ads created by you and aired by our sponsors on Current TV and beyond. Get paid $1000 if your video airs on Current, and up to $50,000 if it’s used elsewhere!

*raises her hand* I have a question. If some unCreative Team far away in say, Australia, nicks my idea, reshoots it verbatim with new actors and then sells it for astronomical figures to a client, will current.tv protect me and kick their ass?

The mashups (pastiche) of real offline tv programs (in this case, NBC Today show) are hilarious. Better than the real thing, no?

I noticed that there didn’t seem to be many open calls for consumer generated ads – do you think they are stopping them, or is it Christmas influencing it all?