1. Hi Laurel, thanks for great examples- I was in a planning workshop for AMPLIFY 2009- the AMP Innovation & Thought Leadership Festival (Gary Hayes participated last year!) this morningwhere we were talking about living and working "in the cloud", not just using applications, but actually "living, doing, socializing, creating in real time" ….and I think your examples of technologies available today and projections for the future are proof that this is not far-fetched. Its actually already here, just "unevenly distributed" to quote a now cliched term!

  2. Oh good work Annalie! It’s so important to have workshops like this. I’ve found governments (and corporates) both here and overseas talk about the ‘need for innovation’ and the ‘need for broadband and collaborative services’ but don’t always know what they look like. You show ’em! 🙂

    That Gary Hayes** is a genius, I reckon.
    **Disclaimer, I want him to take me out to tea tonight. Heh.

  3. Here in Australia iiNet is doing a similar thing to BT/Fon with Tomizone (since August last year), offering free wifi to iiNet customers and ability to set up your own hotspot:

    ACMA considers "diversity in physical infrastructure and higher-speed broadband networks", including mesh networks and "SydneyFreeNet", one of the top 5 trends in communications services and applications to keep an eye on (pdf):

    My 2c,

  4. I tried out Mogulus at you suggestion. It sounds like a swell idea but here in the territory i don’t have good enough speed to stream quality video. Heaven forbid if the clean feed goes in.

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