How to transfer a video from Google Drive and sync it with YouTube. 2016 Living in Australia in a backward internet country in 2016, I have to find little tricks so that small video files (less than 5 minutes long and 100mb) don’t take hours to upload to wherever I need them to be – so I upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive. Once in the cloud I can connect most services and then I don’t have to reupload them. Google Drive to YouTube proved to be a bit tricky.

In this video lecture, I show you how to take a video uploaded to Google Drive and synch it with YouTube so you don’t have to upload it twice.

The three links you need are: go to Photos and check Google Drive underneath ON. Google Drive ON. Right hand side, import to YouTube from Google Photos (Videos).

Easy Peasy. Once you know that Google Photos is the missing link, that is !!