1. It’d be cool to attend…I have some mileage to get to Sydney from Lima I guess!!
    Anyway, my fave of my own production is.

    Every birdwatcher should have 5000 birding friends on Facebook.

    Facebook groups don’t do the trick. They are often lame and stagnant. But what if you build your own group of people that share the same interest and invite them to become friends on Facebook. The idea is that within a certain guild (such as birdwatchers, conservationists, world travellers, stamp-collectors, worthy alturistic causes or what-ever really) a global private network is priceless and Facebook is superior to all other platforms to share and converse just because of its shear size).

  2. hey Laurel,

    The backstory…
    I’d heard about twitter in early 2008 and didn’t get it.
    Some friends suggested i blog about the journey and day-to-day experiences i was having with my business, I didn’t get it.

    In late 2008, I somehow found this Gary V post and the penny dropped for me. It resonated from a small business perspective, building & interacting with a community and the ability for some of the new technologies to allow an interaction with punters that wasn’t as easy or even possible 5 years ago.

    Said post:

    The quality is rubbish and maybe that helped make it work for me.
    So now I tweet and interact and it’s been a game changer for me and the business [ http://twitter.com/haul ].

    And funnily enough I’m dead keen to see Connect Now πŸ™‚


    scottkilmartin @ gmail.com

  3. That’s interesting I knew next to nothing about this event but I just happened to be listening to a podcast interview with Tara Hunt just yesterday. #SmallInternetAfterAll

    [I figure I use Twitter hashtags on Facebook so why not in blog comments too? lol]

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