1. OK,

    so for several years I lived on what I reckon must be the worst street for parking behaviour in the known universe. Couple that with being a one way street that several times a week someone who couldn;t be bothered going all the way round would simply drive down the wrong way.

    I forever meant to start fuckedparking.com, where you post photos of, well, egregiously bad parking behaviour (avec number plates).

    But someone went and did it.

    I always reckoned it would sweep the world – but it didn’t. Maybe most people do it some time or another – I just happen to be the worlds bigest goody two shoes when it comes to that kind of thing.

    But I share your parking fetish!

  2. I’ve been very tempted a few times to take photos of idiot parking attempts with number plates in clear view and send them to the RTA.

    I never actually thought of a Flickr group or similar. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the RTA actually started a site? Imagine a) the revenue they’d raise and b) the costs they’d save. Interesting proposition…

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