Got an idea for how to hook up your social media efforts with CG Lawyers? This is an exercise we do in my classes – find something  you want to say and someone you want to hook up with/link to, then find a common ground. That way the blog post (for corporates) is a  mixture of the company view and an influencer’s or other interested party.  Social networking is always about the common ground, the shared story. Me plus you in equal measures.

CG Lawyers I really like the way online social networking is gaining strength in the business world. We’ve all realised that something as simple as regular blogging on relevant topics can attract more traffic to our websites – and also build exposure for our brands.

So, we’re looking for a great online social networking effort from you. Something that links our two businesses using social networking as the medium.

It should be part of your own attempt at using social networking for business purposes.

Do you write regular blogs and articles online? Are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn working for you as a business tool? Do you know of a website where people in your profession discuss issues and problems? Have you been exposed to creative online methods that provide information flow and initiate conversation?

Find creative ways to include CG Lawyers in your regular online networking, then enter your efforts in our competition. You will be in the running for a 2 night escape at Bundle Hill Cottages at Bawley Point. (

Here’s all you need to do:

1. Briefly explain how the promotion works telling us why you think it is interesting, and effective.

2. Provide the online link/s to us so we can assess the promotion

3. Remember to provide your name as well as your business name and all your contact details.

The competition closes on June 1, 2010 and the winner will be announced in the following CG Lawyers electronic newsletter. Full details and the conditions of entry are now posted on the CG Lawyers website on the CG Lawyers Community page. ( The password is not available on the web. Please contact Cara in order to receive the password.

Have a go!

 (From a long toilet roll of an online e-newsletter, not a blog at CG Lawyers)

Stay tuned for the CG Lawyers’ blog.
It will be added to our website later this year. It’s a great opportunity to discuss issues that involve you and your business.

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I’m guess some people will have strident opposition to such an open question and the fact that it is a competition for the blatant purpose of generating Google juice (SEO), but as an example for my students, it’s exactly (tho they are a bit clumsy) what I drill into ’em. Over and over again. 😛 Create a web of connected ideas/people and invite the flies in. Ok I just made that up. I think I’m probably more erudite in class. 😛 

Hat tip Shandel D Burns from Track the discussion on Twitter at Bit.Ly