So often it is  passion that makes a user generated content site – like a blog – great. Or a social tool such as a bookmarking site stand out above the rest. Or a social network hit the spot. Every time, passion.

But what happens when the passion dies?

co.mments dead

co.mments dead

co.mments will be shutting down Jan 11, 2009. It’s been a wonderful ride, unfortunately regular upkeep, and our friendly spammers, have turned it into a chore. I need the time and energy to focus on other things, so sadly, I’m going to shutdown the site by the end of this week. Thank you all for your support, Assaf

I liked co.mments, it  allowed me to keep track when I was doing a social media audit. Some sites only give you RSS on the main posts, not comments. Plus, you only really want to track responses to your own comments in some situations.

With this crunch (see my post Dot.Com Crash 2.0: UGC Tears Before Bedtime from August 2007) it is OUR content, OUR sweat and blood, as customers, not investors that will be lost. Because the day they turn off YouTube or Flickr, you might wanna make sure you have backed up your content…