Love what’s hapening over at CNet – they are slowly but surely evolving into collaborative shopping site. I had a brief (email) convo with Jeremy R., the snr Editor for Australia.

With our recent 1 May redesign, we now offer users the ability to rate products on our site (whether they are reviews or previews of products). Users can give a numerical rating to a product, the pros, cons, bottom line and other comments. Users can also submit talkback for non-product articles to voice their opinion and interact with other users.We’ve got some exciting user generated stuff planned so keep an eye out this year to see what we’re doing 🙂

All the stuff I lurve – customer feedback and reader-generated dialogue, ratings and rankngs… goody!

I’m off to SlatterysIT for their panel on The Changing Media Landscape:

The speakers are Rohan Lund, Director, Digital Media, Seven Network & Interim CEO, Yahoo!7; Mark Strong, New Media Manager, Network Ten; Ian Vaile, Head, Content, Commissioning and Editorial, ABC New Media and Digital Services; Hugh Martin, Editor,; Carolyn Hough, Senior Associate, Minter Ellison.

I don’t have the time to do the tagging on this one – I gtg. *waves and runs out the door*

EDIT: tags done. I always forget the ‘rel=”tag”‘ bit 🙁

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