Just two quickies, poppets, cos I’m busy, busy, busy:
Mike Moran responds to my post regarding CMS equals Business Suicide. Anyone else out there got a link with why CMS and SEOs get on together ok or otherwise? But Mike wrote the book on search engine marketing (tongue in cheek tagline) so he must know. šŸ™‚

I just re-read Day 10: Geek Gear learns some painful lessons in e-commerce after launch. It really is a brilliant post and carries with it some fundamentals about corporate blogging. Quite a surprise coming from ACP? In spite of the fact I couldn’t find the link to their blog from the main GeekGear site, this post celebrates the pure Gonzo marketing directive of everything out in the open. There’s no reason for your customers to go and bitch in their social networks online and off that “my digital clock radio never arrived” if you’ve already opened up the discussion and enabled comments. By not incorporating it into their main GeekGear site, they may still run into jibes of “not full transparency” and hiding things. After all, any geek wanting to find out if it’s safe buying from Geekgear knows exactly how to put “geek gear problem” into Google. It comes second by the way. And no, I didn’t think the t-shirt was that bad. But yes, the fotos suck (it says: No, I WON’T be your Tech Supportā€) .