Digg brought my attention to this What Would Jesus Wiki about conservapedia.com. I think I read something in Wired or RedHerring a few days ago but I noticed that people are taking screenshots *for posterity*. Wiki Information being a transient beast n’ all.

An alternative Wikipedia written by conservative Christians has become a major target of mockery on the web. Conservapedia, a wiki-based encyclopedia that offers the historical record from a conservative perspective, is attracting lots of derisive comments on blogs and a growing number of phony articles written by mischief makers.

“a growing number of phony articles written by mischief makers.” Gosh! On the ‘net? Phony articles? Mischief makers? So hard to believe…. /sarcasm

Tired of the LIBERAL BIAS every time you search on Google and a Wikipedia page appears? Now it’s time for the Conservatives to get our voice out on the internet!

Conservapedia began in November 2006, as the class project for a World History class of 58 advanced homeschooled and college-bound students meeting in New Jersey.

Conservapedia has since grown enormously, including contributors nationwide. Conservapedia already has over one-half the number of entries as the Oxford Dictionary of World History. Conservapedia is rapidly becoming one of the largest and most reliable online educational resources of its kind.

Bless their cotton socks, they are around 1/2 million hits.