laurel papworth on chatgpt and tutorial on prompts and modifiers for real estate
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ChatGPT for Australian Real Estate Agents and Realtors – AI and OpenAI – prompts & modifiers:

This is a tutorial for real estate agents and realtors on how to use ChatGPT prompts and modifiers.

Tutorial for Australian realtors: How to talk to ChatGPT “as if” a real estate agent, how to have ChatGPT create an email newsletter for your realtor business and a list of other prompts and modifiers including “informal tone” and “enhance”. Small list of prompts later in the video. My ChatGPT/AI course (1 day in Sydney) will be publicly available – 11th April CBD

Laurel Papworth with ChatGPT for Real Estate Agencies

Transcript of Tutorial on ChatGPT for Real Estate Agencies

Hello. My name is Laurel Papworth, and today we’re going to go through Chat GPT from OpenAI, artificial intelligence and how it can be used. Just a couple of little ways for realtors and real estate agents.

If you go to, you’ll need to sign in or sign up. And once you’ve done that, you’ll notice that on the left hand hand side, and this is super important, you’ve got your saved searches and the reason why they’re important is because unlike Google search, this saves the search query and learns from every modifier that you put in. So you go back and you search/query again, and the AI gets a better idea for what you’re actually looking for, I guess. Yeah. So, real estate, I want you to act as a real estate agent. So this is important because ACT IS is a parameter, is a modifier; it gives the AI some structure to work with. So I could say as if I’m a family with three children, or as if I’m an academic researcher or as if I’m a realtor, and it will change its answer. My first request, remember, it’s going to be iterative. It’s generative. We’re talking about generative AI here. It adapts and changes with modifiers.

My first request is I need help finding a single story family house near downtown Sydney or Newtown or Wollongong or whatever. And then gradually you’ll add in how many bedrooms, whether you want a swimming pool, there needs to be a school nearby and things like that. This is how the AI responds.

Sure, I’d be happy to help you find your dream home. So it’s reversed the roles. It’s now the real estate agent acting as if I’m the person looking to purchase or sell a house. Based on your criteria, here’s some properties, and it gives me three properties. Now, I will say I made an error here. I should have limited the search (to 5 or 10).

But let’s go to the second thing that I think is good for real estate agents. Please write an email newsletter on I don’t know, what do you write email newsletter on? Selling houses in the eastern suburbs of Sydney in an informal tone, as if a real estate agent will now, one of the things I’ve said is an informal tone. So this is an exciting news about the latest opportunities. Spacious, stylish, I guess emotional terms. It’s trying to evoke an emotion. I can now go back and add prompt adjectives. Remember, we are iteratively generatively generating this email newsletter. So I can now go back and use clearer language about the tone that I want to use. So prompt adjectives will be lively, compelling, exciting, charming, confident, trustworthy, knowledgeable, bold, courageous. I’m not sure you’d use those. But powerful, passionate, and doesn’t matter if I’m writing a short story or a poem or an email newsletter to clients or a description of a house.

So I can also write rewrite, rewrite, three bedroom rewrite description. I prefer that three bedroom house with pool and school nearby in inspiring way tone, as if I don’t need to keep writing this because it is intuitive, but I just trust it more if I keep telling it who I am. As if a real estate agent and then enhance, I think is the word I use. Enhance. Notice it’s still doing the newsletter because I didn’t tell it to stop doing that. This magnificent three bedroom house is the embodiment of luxury and comfort I want to buy. This house doesn’t exist, but whatever featuring spacious living rooms, a gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances. So it’s not a fixer upper then. So you can keep working on your email newsletters, on your description for houses and it will generate the descriptions as much as it can. I use enhance, actually, I used it for my bio because I tend to just list the facts about who I am and what I’ve done and it had me as world leading this and something else, but I guess it was picking stuff up.

Anyway, I just thought this might be interesting. If it is, please let me know. If it’s not yeah, let me know. If you know a real estate agent who might be interested in artificial intelligence and real estate realtors. Please pass this on to them. I do have a course in April on Artificial Intelligence about learning the modifiers and the prompts and things like that, but I’m going to put videos up from time to time. You don’t have to do a one day course with me. Thank you so much. My name is Laurel Papworth and I will see you in my next video tutorial lecture. Thank you. Bye.

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