Yeah yeah this report has been around for a while, but it has new meaning now with collaborative user generated education just around the corner:
The public directly accesses dot-com or dot-org information sources far more than those of higher education institutions…
The college or university has gone from the “center” to an “access node” on the knowledge network.

Educase is a splendiferous resource for any teacher or educator who wants to comprehend the strategy and changes inherent with the move towards emergent technologies in education.

Case in point? Wiki education delivered by wikibooks. In this eSchoolNews article a revolution is quietly occurring.
The Wikimedia Foundation–the group known best for the open-source, freely licensed encyclopedia project Wikipedia, which invites users to write, edit, and expand upon encyclopedia entries to create a collaborative, free-to-use online information resource–has begun a similar initiative for textbooks.
If the effort catches on, it could have a profound impact on the for-profit textbook and online content markets for schools.

“I think that Wikibooks and projects like it will challenge licensed textbooks in the same way that Linux [the open-source computer operating system] and other free software and licensing models are challenging the software world,” said Wales. “I don’t know where it’s going, but things are definitely changing.”
I think I know where’s its going. I just hope that developing countries catch up fast… this could change the face of education for all time.