You can upload it for free to YouTube and Flickr, or you can get some ka-ching for it (from an email) …

In a ground-breaking move which we are delighted to support, UK broadcaster ITV has commissioned an entire show featuring ‘user-generated content’. Which in plain English means amateur pictures and video clips.
And they’re going to pay for all content that gets broadcast!
The TV show will round up the news in 2006 as seen and captured by you. Presenter Katie Derham says: “Mobile and internet technology is allowing news to be gathered and reported in radical new ways. Anyone in the right place at the right time can capture a piece of history and publish it to an audience of millions. It can make us think about a story in a different way.”
I Was There: the People’s Review 2006′ will cover international conflicts, extreme weather, crime scenes, celebrity-related incidents and sport. But every story will be seen from a completely new, viewer-generated angle, often from places that a news camera simply couldn’t get to.
Scoopt is working with the show’s producers to gather the very best pics and clips from around the world. As always, we will represent you and negotiate the best possible prices for your work. You will keep copyright (ownership).
So if you have a video clip (preferred) or still images from ANY event that made the news in 2006, anywhere in the world, send them to Scoopt and we’ll do the rest. Or if you know somebody who captured a news event, please tell them about this opportunity. It’s a great way to make some cash. Click here for full details. And remember, the year isn’t over yet.

Scoopt and MoBlog have brought out a joint moblogging magazine. Did they/are they merging, anyone?