1. I thought the whole Scorched thing was HORRIBLE.

    The last thing Australia needs is its own LonelyGirl15 and it was so typical that Channel Nine would disingeniously jump on whatever technological bandwagon was around at the time.

    John Lacey’s last blog post..Thank you!

  2. yeah I agree, there’s enough viral videos masquerading as social media out there. And faux personalities masquerading as brand personalities are the suckiest.

    But I was talking about UGC pulled back into the show. Not the CassieHasDreams stuff. I”m not sure if they did it (didn’t notice) but they were really keen to take the videos from YouTube that fans had made and push it back in. You know, the lead actor turns and watches stuff on the telly but it’s actually user generated content. Or the camera pans past some fotos and they are from flickr. I know that some Second Life players put together a machinima on scorched that got some airing too, but not sure where.

    Top quality? nah, but it’s a start and it’s not agency created content.

    What was your fave social media campaign around a TV show? Big Brother forums? 😛

  3. Thanks for this post Laurel, its great to see a commentator actually talking with examples. It makes it a useful learning resource rather than a hollow attempt to be a thought leader. Brilliantly refreshing! Thank you!

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  4. There are two meanings for “case study”.

    1. A detailed analysis of a person or group, especially as a model of medical, psychiatric, psychological, or social phenomena.
    2. a. A detailed intensive study of a unit, such as a corporation or a corporate division, that stresses factors contributing to its success or failure.
    b. An exemplary or cautionary model; an instructive example: “Before they lost their independence, [the two companies] were case studies in unsuccessful long-term planning” (T. Boone Pickens, Jr.).

    Number one is this whole blog, continually analysing the phenomena of social networking. This actual post is 2.b. exemplary or cautionary tales. Heh.


  5. hmm you mean the “random thoughts” I threw up under the AIMIA stuff? I think this is a little more indepth, but not much more. It’s not meant to be.

    But since you asked: my blog is for me to place up a few paragraphs of thoughts. I sell – that word! – presentations, keynotes and whitepapers that outline case studies. They include
    *funding models
    *revenue streams
    *structure and management of social elements
    *quantity and features of social media assets
    *Porters 5 fold model for entry into the SN space
    *metrics, analytics and measurements of impact, reach, velocity, whatevs.

    I find it helpful to keep a little document, called Social Media Australia,on Google Docs. Whenever I come across a campaign, with hard numbers, agency etc I post it up there. So for example, Sportsgirl had an increase in sales by 30%, won (rightly) an AIMIA award, and was from the CITRUS agency. But if I slap that up on each of my faves, it’s gonna be a toilet roll of a blog post.

    And I know how tiny your attention span is, dear reader. You only value what you pay for.

    Why Ben, wanna hire me? 😛

  6. To be honest, I don’t work on much here in Australia. The last thing that came close to being social was the nameitburger.com.au promotion for McDonald’s – but I was only involved on the implementation side. Ideation and strategy was by @markpollard. Hugely successful. Won awards etc. But details are confidential … as most are.

    It’s not that people are worried about talking about the results of their projects, it’s that they cannot.

    Gavin Heaton’s last blog post..Top 129 Australian Marketing Pioneer Blogs

  7. Nice post Laurel, we need to start talking about these kinds of things more often in Australia, not just bagging each other.

    I use Postrank (scores posts on appearances on twitter, trackbacks, comments on blogs etc), and its sad to note that this is the least popular post of your last 10-15 posts.

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  8. Laurel,

    Thanks for doing this post. I’ve added it to my Groundswell FriendFeed room. A room I’m using as part of my Groundswell Blook Report. Here’s the link to the room: http://friendfeed.com/rooms/blook-report-groundswell

    Each chapter of the book “Groundswell” is being dissected by me. I’m up to chapter 5 so far. I hope you and your readers get some value out of it.

    Chris Herbert’s last blog post..Groundswell Blook Report:Chapter Five-Listening to the groundswell

  9. Stuart, that one wouldn’t make my fave list. For a start, no clearly articulated backstory, purpose or values. But I accept it’s on yours 🙂 Cheers Laurel

  10. Thanks for the post. Very interesting. I’d like to learn, in more detail, what the Dept of Fisheries did with social media to manage the Equine flu panics and how successful it was for them. How might I go about finding this out?

  11. Wow, only just saw this post! This would’ve been one of my first – back in the day when i didn’t analyze search results or follow trackbacks about articles I’d written 😛

    Thanks anyways for a) reading the post and b) heading a post up a about it.

    Many more to come hopefully 🙂

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