On the subject of jobs, have a look at this:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows that “sustainability of identity” is number one on our list of life requirements. Self preservation over self determination.  Knowing that we continue to exist is incredibly important to us. 


Amusing. Why? Because we rarely change jobs within 18 months. So by deleting unused accounts around the 18 month mark, CareerOne loses all that lovely marketing information. The long tail of subscribers getting jobs, losing jobs, moving into other jobs. Careerone could be our life’s work history online. The marketing data would be rich and mine-able. 

Instead it’s a temporary search site to be used and thrown away once we have a job. How silly.

To say nothing of those who are using services such as email jobs to post up links from their own blog back to CareerOne site. Why do we need to log in? Because CareerOne aren’t tracking peer-to-peer discussions, that’s why.