1. Sorry to be pedantic, but didn’t Maslow rate physiological needs as number one… and safety as number two? Self-actualisation comes last from memory.

    1. Sustainability of identity – isn’t that the ability to eat, breathe, sleep, excrete? that’s number one. Though I guess deleting an account could also be number two, the ability to feel safe at home and in the neighbourhood. Anyway, I’m claiming jetlag and a genetic inability to count… 😛

      Pedantic but an interesting question. heh.

      BTW compare this approach by CareerOne (deleting accounts after 18months) to social recruitment e.g. Rentacoder or Guru.com where the profile/portfolio becomes the trust/reputation identity online, accumulating over the years.
      Which one is the way forward, hmm, David?

  2. Excellent YouTube post ! thanks for sharing. I’ll be adding your blog to my reader.

  3. I am counting the days that careerone and seek will still be around, while linkedin is growing fast in job search areas and companies are more interested in it due to its visibility. Seek is heavily investing on training, may be it knows it has to change its business direction.

    Praveen @ http://www.workehow.com/

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