1. Oh ok thanks. How about that cocktail huh? 😛 (I think you might be a spambot, Mr professor howdy Sir).

  2. Wow so polite to a Spambot. Good to see high levels of civility to a computing robot.

    Funny story. I can remember an odd sense of unrealistic entitlement at that age. That request reminded me of that phase of my life.

    Also bloggers gaining credibility. Requests for large sums of money and free test drives in new cars. What next, profitable blogs?

  3. “What next, profitable blogs?”

    I’ll let you know, Mr colin campbell Sir, (heh) when I receive enough donations to buy that cocktail. In the meantime, I don’t find it onerous to write – it actually clears my head. Which seriously needs tidying up from time to time. 🙂

    Australia’s top blogs are profitable. Mine isn’t because I don’t monetise it (plus it’s not a top blog, more in the ugly but interesting category 😛 ), but I sure do get work from it.

    And oops. I still have that unrealistic sense of entitlement. Have been known to get quite miffed if I don’t get what I want, RIGHT NOW. I can’t remember ever writing to complete strangers to ask them for stuff. Might’ve done tho. Maybe I should start now?? I do remember starting a character in an online game I worked on, that only begged. This was a few years ago now. To see if it was possible to get to a million gold at level 1 by doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, he turned into a sort of wandering bard telling fabulous stories for gold, (and had imaginative curses for those who didn’t comply) which kinda defeated the purpose of the “omg gimmeh gold I needit baaad” social test. I swear, these avatars take on a life of their own…

    We like polite spambots 🙂 Besides, he’s not linking to anything other than his Blogger profile *shrugs* so he might be real not imagined. I wonder if spambots get insulted or complimented if mistaken for human? And if I was Philip K Dick or William Gibson I’d give you a big debate about why it’s not important or relevant to tell the difference between human and idoru (of the bot variety). But sadly I’m not. 🙂

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