I created BushSocial as a tutorial and video series on social media to help small business in the Bush. My way of offering help to get back on their feet again after the devastating bushfires and droughts that have affected Australia. If you know of someone or a group that may find this helpful, please pass them the videos or playlists or link. Thanks! 

How to create an Emergency Services List on Facebook. You can also use these lists to create a local list (eg the local newspaper, school, Council, Chamber of Commerce, sports clubs). But to stay uptodate on what the local, neighbourhood, state and national fire and emergency services are doing? Invaluable. 

More to come – maximising social media strategies and campaigns for small business in rural and country Australia. Including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok. All about Advertising and Analytics, integrating with websites, using social media for social sales and any other tips I can think of that will help areas recovering from bushfires and drought. And of course, your questions are welcome 🙂