How to create an emergency services page for facebook

How to create a list of uptodate information from Emergency Services on Facebook. Social media tutorial for bushfires and other emergencies. Bushsocial for education in the bush.

Written by Laurel Papworth  in BushSocial,Uncategorised
Did you know you can create ANOTHER newsfeed in Facebook, of just information from a smaller list of Fire Brigade Pages, Bureau of Meteorology, LiveTraffic and other Emergency Services?

Of course you can also create another list (maybe the school, the Chamber of Commerce, the Council, the local pub) but I focussed my Facebook tutorial on how to supplement Fires Near Me, ARCGIS, NASA satellites etc, with local emergency services news. The link to CREATE A FACEBOOK LIST FOR EMERGENCY SERVICES is here  

Unfortunately, Facebook decided to turn off the ability for us to make our lists public – don’t ask me, I suspect they don’t want people getting timely relevant information, as it disrupts their ads – but if you are Australian, need access to the local fire brigade updates as well as FNM, you might find this video useful. More in the playlist #BushSocial. xxxx Laurel

Background: I’ve put together a playlist of social media tips for Rural and Country Australia called #BushSocial. I live (and work) in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia and have seen first hand the devastation to our beautiful land. The only way I can think of to help is to offer my knowledge as a social media manager, consultant and lecturer to small businesses in the area that are fighting their way back in a difficult situation. If you are not a small business you may or may not find these social media tutorials interesting. If you are a small business pick and choose what you implement: it is NOT my intention to make your job harder, you have enough to do to get up and running again with your services to the Australian bush and rural community.

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