Comcast supplies broadband. They are also similar to a Foxtel in America. Here’s the key sentence:

…which claimed that the cable company was abusing its control over its network to impede video competition.

Comcast now admit to slowing down delivery of services like AppleTV, bitTorrent, YouTube and other video services.

Comcast said yesterday that it purposely slows down some traffic on its network, including some music and movie downloads, an admission that sparked more controversy in the debate over how much control network operators should have over the Internet. (more)
Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee‘s subcommittee on telecommunications and the Internet, plans to introduce a bill today calling for an Internet policy that would prohibit network operators from unreasonably interfering with consumers’ right to access and use content over broadband networks. The bill also calls for the FCC to hold eight meetings around the nation to assess whether there is enough competition among network providers and whether consumers’ rights are being upheld. (Washington Post)

Poor broadband in Australia certainly keeps eyeballs on TV more than any other reason, in my opinion. I wonder what think of this? I opened up a discussion over there.