British mobile TV trial


The BBC, ITV and mobile handset manufacturers LG Mobile and Samsung are believed to be on the verge of announcing a full-scale mobile TV trial in the UK planned for later this year.

The trial will be the first national level barometer of the potential take up of mobile TV services and will see channels including BBC News 24 and an ITV Digital channel broadcast live and continuously to handsets across the UK.

Other trial broadcast partners are believed to include Eurosport, Turner owned Cartoon Network, as well as a consortium that includes telecoms giant BT and radio companies Chrysalis and UBC Media will launch the trial.

The service will be offered via mobile phone companies on a monthly fee basis to consumers. The technology used for the trial will see the programmes broadcast over a spectrum currently used for digital radio, rather than a more powerful spectrum that will only be released after the government switches off the analogue TV signal in 2012.

Wonder how they will integrate online communities? hmmm.

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