w00t I’m having lunch at Zinc with Erietta of Cyberworx and Josephine Sabine of Spot Wireless tomorrow.

Erietta is mastering Drupal at the moment. Drupal is an open source content management platform that handles the collaborative modules very well. Plus it has a nice online community of developers who also happen to be a bunch of sweeties.

Talking of nice online communities of developers, The Wireless Developer Network, has some great tools. Not least of which is an Avantgo feed. Which I guess is the minimum you would expect from a wireless community *rolls eyes*.

If Jo is silly enough (postprandial) to ask for advice on how to market or gain funding for her hotspot wireless company, I’ll hiccup in a ladylike fashion and suggest she drop the magic four words … “Google Is Doing It”. Hmmm. That phrase works for anything, now I come to think of it.