Ever wanted to boost your YouTube video to the correct audience to get more views? Something like Boosting a Post on Facebook? This tutorial takes you through TWO methods. One is a very very basic boosting, more basic than Facebook! and the other is using a simple version of the Google Ads Manager to target your YouTube Video correctly. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Boost a YouTube Video (Basic)

  1. Go into the YouTube Studio, select your uploads (your YouTube videos)
  2. Scroll to the video you want to boost then click the dot-dot-dot on the right hand side of that video (vertical dots, means MORE or OPTIONS)
  3. One of the Options is PROMOTE. Click PROMOTE (this is the equivalent of boosting a post). This will open Google Ads. Signup if you haven’t already.
  4. Choose how your ad will appear – confirm the video, use a Headline and one or two Descriptions. Check the preview on the right.
  5. Choose your target location, in the video I chose Australia and New Zealand but you can be much more granular if you have a local target.
  6. Select your target audience – this is the problem (see Method 2) but if you know you have a gaming audience e.g. Twitch, then choose the stock standard audience.
  7. Set how much you want to spend, I chose 50 bucks!

Method 2: Boost a YouTube Video (More Advanced)

  1. Go to Google Ads Manager and login.
  2. Choose Product and Brand Consideration box.
  3. Then choose Video box and then choose Influence consideration
  4. Give the Campaign a Name then choose Budget and Dates
  5. Place the ad in (you choose) YouTube Search Results, inside other people’s videos (preroll etc), and/or “off” YouTube in the Partner network.
  6. Choose Languages and Country
  7. Choose your Audience – this is where I can use a SAVED audience! Yay! Better than Basic Boosting unless I missed something! šŸ˜› More on Google Audiences.
  8. Set the Keywords by having Google analyse a website (any website)
  9. Set your Google Ads budget for this YouTube Video campaign
  10. Paste in the URL of the Youtube video you want to boost. Add in a website URL.
  11. Get confirmation and celebrate! More people will see your content, your creativity and your passion!

I hope you found this a useful little introduction to boosting your YouTube videos to get more views. Please let me know if you have any questions.