Social Media Mentoring over Zoom

I offer Online Live Video Social Media Mentoring (live sessions on Zoom, Skype or similar) where we can screenshare your Facebook Page, Instagram account, Youtube channel etc. I will mentor you on 

  • Content calendars and engagement and subscriber growth
  • Analytics and Insights, analysing and using the benchmarks
  • Reports, Strategy and Campaign documents
  • Social media dashboards, tools, and scheduling
  • Dealing with Crisis comms (negative criticism and trolls) 
  • Managing Risk regulatory and other executive issues
  • Getting more Leads, Customers, Stakeholder engagement for your social media channels

These Social Media Mentoring sessions are for 1) those who want a one on one live mentoring experience rather than prerecorded online video courses or 2) companies with a team or department who are interested in group sessions.  These sessions are suitable for those who cannot make it to my live classroom courses in Sydney CBD and elsewhere. 

Another option: ZOOM TIPS/STUDIO and ONLINE COURSE CREATION On a slightly different tangent, I offer 3 hours (1 x 3 sessions) for setting up your professional Zoom studio with multicam and greenscreen, online bookings with payments, creating online courses for industry organisations etc as these are two subjects I have deep dived and are currently consulting on. #Edusocial #Edumarketing

Additional Material

I – as long as the tech complies!! – record the videos and make them available to attendees so they have a record of the session. Online prerecorded courses are also included to ensure that learning continues after the sessions, many of these courses have cheat sheets and workbooks.

OPTIONS: Zoom Training on Social Media

There are FIVE options for online Social Media Mentoring with Laurel Papworth depending on whether you are looking for one-on-one (or you and a friend, with me) or team Zooms, you can book the following online.

  • Single/Pair 6 x 1 hour sessions $945Opens in a new tab.
  • Single/Pair 3 x 1 hour sessions $525Opens in a new tab.
  • Team/Department (3-12 people) 8hrs $2995Opens in a new tab.
  • Team/Department (3-12 people) 4hrs $1680Opens in a new tab.
  • 1 Hour Emergency HELP 1hr $350Opens in a new tab.
  • Zoom Tips: Setting up a Zoom Studio and online bookings 3hrs $525Opens in a new tab.
  • Large Conference Keynotes (Online), 50 or 100 people. Please enquireOpens in a new tab..
TIP: click one of the images, fill in the booking and be sent to the appointment calendar

Please Book by Emailing Us

Email pa@laurelpapworth.com for an invoice and payment information. You will be sent an appointment calendar to make (multiple) bookings on, as suits you.

Possible Calendar

If you absolutely need me on a particular date/time please check with me. You can also check (NSW time) my calendar onlineOpens in a new tab. – but please assume it is mostly uptodate and some bookings in there are tentative so there is possibly wiggle room.


This is for clients booking the Zoom sessions:

  1. Curriculum and learning outcomes to be agreed upon
  2. Online courses – access to prerecorded courses are included
  3. Group or One-on-One – you choose.
  4. Group (up to 12) can be in various locations, zooming in.
  5. A Quote and Proposal are available – please enquire
  6. If you prefer to pay by direct debit based on an invoice please enquire
  7. We recommend you use a laptop/desktop rather than smartphone so you can share your screen
  8. COUPON please add coupon at checkout if you have one. 
  9. QUESTIONS? Please contact me and we’ll figure it out

How Will I Join the Webinar
You’ll receive an invitation to a Zoom session, YouTube Live (private) or a Skype (private)  at least 1/2 an hour before. Please test your microphone and camera before joining the session. More information on the setup will be sent.

An email will be sent asking you to prioritise your first session curriculum and learning outcomes e.g. writing a social media strategy for Government, content calendars during the coronavirus, social media for crisis comms reach and scope, client analytics reports. Anyway it’s a long list – be prepared! 

This email will also include the Zoom session ID, and instructions on how to join

My Zoom Setup

  • Dual monitors – I can host or co-host waiting rooms, chat channels etc.
  • Multiple Microphones including patching through a Preamp for better sound
  • Multi camera view including a DSLR for bokeh, 4k camcorder for high quality, webcam for on the fly
  • Screenshare is clear and large for those on smartphones
  • Prerecord videos inserted into stream
  • OBS Project and Streamlabs OBS for quality control of interface in Zoom
  • Professional Zoom service
  • Recording stream locally for better video quality
  • Stream Deck desktop device for vision switching and macros
  • Multi steam service for public streaming to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter at the SAME time
  • Private sessions are encrypted.

If you like to geek out on tech, have a look at my tutorial on StreamDeck with Zoom 🙂

About Laurel Papworth

Want a private online mentoring session on Facebook and Social Media? Named by Forbes Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally, I teach #SocialMedia Campaigns and Strategy at Uni of Sydney and in corporate training.My clients include for TV shows (Masterchef), Sony, Westpac bank, UNHCR and more.  (About)

You can always contact us, for more information, as well. +61432684992 or pa@laurelpapworth.com