Bloove – manage mobile phone contacts SMS online

I’m liking this site a lot.

I hate having to plug my Nokia 95 into either my desktop or laptop to back it up. It always launches stuff I don’t want – photo albums- does a hostile takeover of video and image software. The contact list isn’t accessible if I’m not plugged in – how stupid is that? – and there’s a tonne of other reasons I don’t like Nokia’s desktop unManagement software.

Bloove. Rocks.
Use your cellphone to navigate to bloove.com/m (I use wireless at home so I don’t have to pay Optus). Download the app (check the date of your phone).
Use a desktop to sign up for an account (I use MyOpenId)
Get the ID from the cellphone (in the application when you open it) and punch it into your new account. They now synchronise.

see? All on a webpage.

I can’t show you a lot otherwise I will be giving out Meg Tsiamis mobile number plus the woman who does my nails (please take Meg and let me keep Tina), but effectively you can view your contacts, SMS messages, Phone log and speed dial list online. You can also send SMS etc.

At least if bad robbers nick your laptop AND your phone out of the car, in say, Switzerland, you won’t lose your backed up contacts. Sweet. Know of a similar service?

Laurel Papworth

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6 thoughts on “Bloove – manage mobile phone contacts SMS online

  1. Oh this looks AWESOME! Just last night I was starting to get a bit stressed about not having backed up my phone’s contact list for a few weeks now that I’ve ceased synchronising with Outlook on my laptop. I’m going to check this out like, right away!

  2. yeah it only runs on Nokia and one other type of phone at the moment. No motorolas either. Poor baby 🙁

  3. Hi Laurel,
    You might want to check out www.Styky.com

    As always I’m trying to get my finger into this pie as a client as well 🙂

    Dean Collins

  4. @meg-alicious nah you just terrify me. *quakes* in the nicest possible way of course 😛

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