From Mashable (why didn’t I see this anywhere else? hmmm?):

Is Australia the New China?

by Kristen Nicole


Several privacy advocates are in an uproar in response to a bill introduced by Australia’s Parliament, which would grant the country’s federal police the power to control which sites can be accessed by users of the Internet. Titled the Communications Legislation Amendment (Crime or Terrorism Related Internet Content) Bill 2007, the federal police would have the power to add onto (or remove from) the blacklist, naming sites that are currently banned from Australia , as determined by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

This extends the rights of the ACMA onto the federal police, which appears to some as a way of limiting the rights of freedom of speech. The legislation is being promoted as a way to target phishing and terrorist sites, as well as those that publish information on other criminal activity. However, we’ve all been subjected to politicians taking action under the guise of protecting us from terrorism, and the result is several privacy groups that are wary of this bill being passed. Next thing we know, Australia will be blocking YouTube.

[via zdnet]

I blame Chaser and the fact we all giggled in class when they were clowning around. So everyone write out 100 times on the blackboard:

We’ve been bad, we’re sorry, please don’t take our constitutional rights (or is it freedom of speech) away from us. Please? Yes, we know we are just like schoolkids in Victoria (education department ban) who aren’t allowed to watch YouTube. But we promise to be good. And we won’t laugh at those naughty boys antics anymore.

Bloody Chaser.

Isn’t there another solution? Maybe a warning thingie somewhere? Microformats? someone find something better than just blocking please…