Names are falling off my blogroll. One minute Jim Benson was there, on my sidebar, the next minute, crying into my email. So I am moving the blogroll, such as it is, on here and then linking to the sidebar:

Real Life Blogroll

I’m a hunter and gatherer of blogs so it would be a waste of time me keeping a blogroll. I’m not particularly faithful to any of them. Sorry, the good Lord just made me that way. 😛 But here’s the blogroll of bloggers I have met in real life, who came out of the closet and said “YES! I BLOG! And here’s my URL!” Or something like that. So if you want to be added to my blogroll, you have to come drinking at Weblogger Meetup in Sydney or some other (not necessarily boozy) event, and make thyself known.

*drum roll* for the blog roll

Bloggers from First Life (read above)

If you should be on here, ‘fess up. In comments, so I can track them. I’m such a scatterbrain sometimes. Oh, ok, most of the time – and if you have more than one blog, pick ONE.

EDIT added Stilgherrian, Mark Pesce, Nathanael B, Michael Specht, Jim Benson and Gary Hayes. And whatshisname …Myles thingummybob Heh (March 08)

EDIT2: Added Craig Bailey and Gary Man With No Blog Barber (who does so have a blog).