1. I am not surprised at all that New Zealand does not even feature on the list….

    Jeeeees, c’mon kiwi!

  2. we suck.

    But, seriously – does this reflect something cultural about australians – a reticence to go on the record, or take a stand, or express ourselves publicly? We pride ourselves on often being early adopters of technologies whether VCRs or mobile phones – so what is it about blogging?


  3. We take freedom of speech for granted? We are financially secure enough that if we got pissed off enough we could write a book on whatever was getting on our nerves, and afford to publish it ourselves at Lulu.com?

    Plus we don’t have an Oprah mentality… where are our “sex tips for catholic girls” and other sexcapade blogs? Our “how I got out of bankruptcy and beat my shopping addiction” blogs?

    But I think it’a also a secret vice – we have the most vitriolic anti-web 2.0 press in the world – and that curses the whole thing with negativity. I did a survey at CeBIT asking vendors if they read blogs and which were their favourites. It was like asking if they bought porn. Most eventually admitted that yes, they blogged or read blogs, but seriously… COME OUT OF THE CLOSET ALREADY. 😛

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