A Blogger’s Responsibility…

… is to freedom of speech or is it to not incite war? If we talk about ‘freedom of the press’ well, what is the ‘press’ these days?

That naughty Tim Blair is at it again (the link is for his newish address, it would appear that he moves his blog every year or so – read on to see why. ) Ex-editor and current columnist, Aussie Timbo decided to post up those cartoons that caused a furore in the European Muslim community. Now if Alan Jones “leads the charge” (yep, I’m quoting Jonesy) currently with upsetting the Australian Muslim community down Cronulla way, I wonder what a ‘mere’ blogger (actually a smartypants journo), will do with the dialogue he has initiated?

Comments: 105 and counting. The sites very slow (too many hits?) so I’ll give you some quotes:
Well done, Tim. I only wish that the craven media admit their abject cowardice and do the same. How can NBC execs do anything but hang their heads in shame? I can see being against the war, but isn’t free speech supposed to be their special issue, the reason they try to bring down presidents and reveal national defense secrets and reprint photos of Abu Ghraib over and over again?
I hope I live long enough to see them disgraced before the world. I hate to think, though, of how high the cost of that moment will be.

This in the SMH amazes me:
The editor of the Daily Telegraph, David Penberthy, has told ABC radio publishing the images could have nasty consequences, especially given racial tensions in Sydney.

And just who is responsible for these tensions? The people involved in incidents in Maroubra/Lakemba/Bondi, the idiots who beat a man to death in Auburn two days ago, or the average person in the street? (Nic)

and the latest one:
These articles in the australian MSM are their way of excising their guilt at their own lack of support for their Journo brethren in Europe. Wait for the English press to do likewise, tomorrow. In the meantime Tim, congratulations on being the only Aussie with guts! And take care. (davo)

The Sydney Morning Herald does have a poll though.
Hmmm, no editor to reign this one in (lots of comments about waging war on Aussie Muslims), no modern sensitivity or political correctness. Lots of opinions, responses, dialogue. This is definitely part of the reporting revolution – freedom of the ‘press’ is here to stay, for better or for worse. Age old understandings, unspoken rules, silent mandates have long been in the domain of the media baron, editor and journalist. The public never really had to grapple with the ethics and edicts of publishing. Now we do. Batten down the hatches!

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