1. Ooh Laurel, how exciting! I’m heading there to check it out now. Well done 🙂

    Megalicious (hehe)

  2. Jason Calacanis told me last week we’re just too conservative. I can’t name much/anything that has come from outside America recently. Jaiku is one.

    Jason Calacanis at HatchThat

    Surely there are folks out there, we need to get on the case!

  3. @ross hill. Mahalo is the most stupid idea eveh. A human search engine didn’t work the first time around, what makes Jason Calacanis think it will work a second time around? AND it’s NOT the world’s FIRST human search engine. Ah well, I guess it gives people who have nothing better to do than manually tag stuff a job. Hmmm. Maybe it’s not that bad – how much will I get?? 😛

    VCs outside of the US are too conservative, the rest of us have fucking brilliant ideas. Well, not me, but *points at the Australian Web 2.0 community” they do. And I thought Sequoia ppl were mostly from India?

    Google Maps was NOT a conservative idea by anyone’s standards – came from Australia. Bebo is a UK dude.

    Is Vibe Capital Australian? For a small population (20 million last week?) we do ok.

    @Meg. Remind me to link to your site in the FAQ. And on the forums… I expect most of the stuff ppl post up will be links to your blog posts anyway *giggles*

  4. All the best Laurel. At the joint right now checking it all out and will post about it in 3, 2, 1 … 🙂

  5. I was in Singapore from 1995 to 2001. The technology was great, but the scale of Singapore made it very cost effective to cable the whole island. That as well as the all authoritarian/benevolent government wanting to control everything. Got to keep the population sedated with all kinds of cool web apps. More happy news from the Government.

    Trying to get a taxi on a wet evening at Suntec City was like pulling teeth, despite all the very nice technology.

  6. @ Martin – w00t! your blog post about Bloggerati is now TOP of bloggerati news! *smack* and NOTHING is wrong with my Kangaroo header. It was either that or an Australian Flag with beta in the corner. Heh.

    @Colin – you lazy so-and-so, there’s an MRT right under SunTec isn’t there? 😛 And I have more problems with taxis in Sydney than Singapore. But you are right, having a small island, dense population, strong *coughs* government helps more than a little.

    Where did you live? I was over at Kim Yam Road. I suspect you were outside of the Orchard Road area?

  7. I lived just off Serangoon Road near Mustaphas in the beginning. Then East Coast at two different locations. The walking tunnel to Suntec City only went in during my last year of living in Singapore. That was nice on those wet days. Still had to walk from the MRT to home. They don’t really have rain like Singapore here in Adelaide.

  8. Hi Laurel – I really only starting blogging in earnest a few months ago and for a while there were no comments and few readers. That changed for me when I joined both Mybloglog and Blogcatalog and I have now connected with a number of regular readers. What has stood out though is that a lot of the Aussie blogs I’ve stumbled upon don’t seem to be listed on those two social networking sites and I therefore tend to discover them almost by fluke or by following links on other sites. So the more done to link us together here the better.
    Laurie 🙂

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