1. too right !

    and cat’s rule is..
    you can’t post under anonymous, especially if you are leaving a nasty personal post..be brave, your isp can’t hide you anyway.

  2. Thanks for your interesting and entertaining blog postings throughout the year. I enjoy reading your blog and really liked this list.

    As you say, you are not paid to do this and it is your blog. Onya.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Rules of Engagement (definitions)

    1. OK let’s face it we’re going to war and here’s the rules we’re agreeing to play by?

    2. You and Me and getting on real nice so we’ll keep talking?

    3. Rules for Non- Engagement will be made by the boss.

  4. Hi Again

    I am wondering if it is at all possible that I could find somehow someone to do a code of conduct for me like yours by chance.

    People come to my Aussie blog and the other 15 or so I run and they just post junky pharma ads etc. I tear my hair out almost when I have to remove all the spam.

    Please feel free to drop me a line to see what we can possibly work out about helping each other out. Us Aussies have to stick together.

    Australian’s doing the right thing

  5. I’ve read over this writig and if I may I desire to recommend to you few fascinating issues or advice. Maybe we could discuss them.

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