1. Absolutely, President Ahmadinejad maintains a blog, and I remember it got acres of coverage at the time it went live.

    It’s interesting, not only because of his long, rambling style, but because, as you say, he actually had comments turned on.

    It’s a shame that it’s not been updated in a long while. You would have thought he might be looking for something to do on all those long flights off to meet Hugo Chavez of Venezuela!

  2. I think Malcolm Turnbull has given up on blogging and embraced microblogging… Nevermind Kevin-Oh!-Seven, Twitter is Turnbull’s new ball and chain… lol

    Incidentally I find it annoying that on Blogger blogs (like this one) there is a link that says Post A Comment (which brings up the post comment dialog) and another that says Post Comments (which brings up the comment feed for the individual entry.) This is seriously confusing. They sound the same and yet do very different things.

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