Today I asked this question:

Twitter asked facebook question

I was wondering if we were in the “don’t do as I do, do as I say” stage. hah. In twenty minutes I had these answers:

  1. Firstdog_pink_normal kcarruthers: @SilkCharm not, hardly ever re FB
  2. Tiny_normal anthony_p_c: @SilkCharm We are currently getting some value from it, though personally I am not as into it as I was before
  3. Glenn-pic-big_normal
    divinewrite: @SilkCharm I’d be very interested to hear the results of that question, Laurel. Will u be publishing them?
  4. Blobfish_small_normal
    j9j: @SilkCharm i use it but not so good as was. that cld be me. i advise others to use it with their brains turned on. do then reflect do.
  5. N510128939_1483542_8658_normal
    JoelyRighteous: @SilkCharm Almost never… I still have an account, I probably check it for 2 minutes once or twice a week.
  6. Me_normal rubenspeculis: @SilkCharm re FB I never use it. I do advise some clients to do so though depending on demographic
  7. 1472796823_312f87fe85_m_normal trib: @SilkCharm I describe my FB use as “mostly passive” – I feed it from elsewhere. Except for organising #smccanberra brekkies.
  8. Avatar_normal
    Matt_Tulk: @SilkCharm all the time on FB since my roller skating group now has over 423 members and our reunion got 200 people nothing but a success
  9. Samurai_dave_normal
    mrdavidbacon: @SilkCharm Don’t interact much with FB anymore, but still check in sometimes to look at photos
  10. Where_is_my_mind_ian_twitter_normal
    point2five: @SilkCharm – Facebook. Personal use. Haven’t touched my profile in ages – Required too much work. Twitter better suits my busy life
  11. Ness_normal
    VenessaHunt: @silkcharm – i still use facebook socially/personally and often recommend it for consumer promorions b2c, but not as often for b2b…
  12. Angie_1_200_x_226_normal angie1234p: @SilkCharm Depends on the client and what they’re trying to achieve really. I use it, but more for personal than professional at the moment.
  13. Cropped_normal
    EmVicW: @SilkCharm Rarely advise FB. I use it religiously personally. I advise blogs, communities and Twitter.
  14. Medme-crop_normal
    susannadee: @SilkCharm Me. I use FB. I advise FB
  15. Bunny_kill_normal
    brendanb: @SilkCharm catatonic, haven’t signed in for months and, amazingly, have no desire to do so.
  16. Me_normal
    rachellems: @SilkCharm Clients: Never Me: Rarely!
  17. Donniedarko_normal
    justkyp: @SilkCharm less and less interested in using Facebook personally these days – much prefer Twitter.
  18. Kiwi_icon_normal
    Apty: @SilkCharm I’ve only dabbled into FB and found it was just a clutter: Invites to Jelly-wrestling apps and Send a friend a blue chihuahua
  19. Fuzu-shoot-2009-bw_normal
    grantyoung: @SilkCharm not using personally that much. i would be very selective in suggesting it (based on context)
  20. Yahoo_coat_normal
    sharminjassal: @SilkCharm Still use FB personally. But with clients, have not recommended it yet. At this point, still watching developments…
  21. _dth1021_b_w_crop_normal
    claudiamob: @SilkCharm Rarely update facebook.
  22. Mpg_normal
    ciarando: @SilkCharm re: FB, a lot of family and friends are there so I check it out maybe once a week or so.
  23. P4200046_3_2_normal
    lyndons: @SilkCharm Re FB 4business: As with most things in the rapidly morphing web, late adopters gain almost no leverage from joining the crowd
  24. Angie_1_200_x_226_normal angie1234p: @SilkCharm If you want to see an excellent use of FB in action, you should look at @askbillmitchell‘s page. He does an excellent job.
  25. Katetribe120_normal
    katetribe: @SilkCharm Facebook has always been more friends than business for me & using it less & less
  26. Startledklingon_normal
    aDB: @SilkCharm I’m using Facebook more now that Tweetdeck brings the status msgs to me
  27. Avatar2_normal
    JaredWoods: @SilkCharm Personally check it about three times a week. Corporate presence is there, but not heavily used. Too much jibba-jabba.
  28. L_33d5f2eea14298abfb71cc65926c0208_normal
    deltakatie: @SilkCharm I still regularly use facebook. It’s how I keep in touch and up to date with friends, family etc.
A bunch of people (maybe 5?) sent me replies but have locked accounts. I don’t publish those with a “lock” on them. After all, unlocked accounts are google-able etc. Locked ones shouldn’t be copied and pasted elsewhere. No-one sent me a DM (Direct message, like private email) which is good.
The internet as a focus group. Of course I know most of these people. By that I mean, I know a bit about each of them, I’ve seen their tweets before, I know where they work, we meet at conferences and workshops.
Easiest blog post I’ve never written. 😛 I wonder if anyone will read it?