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Today I asked this question: I was wondering if we were in the “don’t do as I do, do as I say” stage. hah. In twenty minutes I had these answers: kcarruthers: @SilkCharm not, hardly ever re FB anthony_p_c: @SilkCharm We are currently getting some value from it, though personally I am not as into…


Today I asked this question:

Twitter asked facebook question

I was wondering if we were in the “don’t do as I do, do as I say” stage. hah. In twenty minutes I had these answers:

  1. Firstdog_pink_normal kcarruthers: @SilkCharm not, hardly ever re FB
  2. Tiny_normal anthony_p_c: @SilkCharm We are currently getting some value from it, though personally I am not as into it as I was before
  3. Glenn-pic-big_normal
    divinewrite: @SilkCharm I’d be very interested to hear the results of that question, Laurel. Will u be publishing them?
  4. Blobfish_small_normal
    j9j: @SilkCharm i use it but not so good as was. that cld be me. i advise others to use it with their brains turned on. do then reflect do.
  5. N510128939_1483542_8658_normal
    JoelyRighteous: @SilkCharm Almost never… I still have an account, I probably check it for 2 minutes once or twice a week.
  6. Me_normal rubenspeculis: @SilkCharm re FB I never use it. I do advise some clients to do so though depending on demographic
  7. 1472796823_312f87fe85_m_normal trib: @SilkCharm I describe my FB use as “mostly passive” – I feed it from elsewhere. Except for organising #smccanberra brekkies.
  8. Avatar_normal
    Matt_Tulk: @SilkCharm all the time on FB since my roller skating group now has over 423 members and our reunion got 200 people nothing but a success
  9. Samurai_dave_normal
    mrdavidbacon: @SilkCharm Don’t interact much with FB anymore, but still check in sometimes to look at photos
  10. Where_is_my_mind_ian_twitter_normal
    point2five: @SilkCharm – Facebook. Personal use. Haven’t touched my profile in ages – Required too much work. Twitter better suits my busy life
  11. Ness_normal
    VenessaHunt: @silkcharm – i still use facebook socially/personally and often recommend it for consumer promorions b2c, but not as often for b2b…
  12. Angie_1_200_x_226_normal angie1234p: @SilkCharm Depends on the client and what they’re trying to achieve really. I use it, but more for personal than professional at the moment.
  13. Cropped_normal
    EmVicW: @SilkCharm Rarely advise FB. I use it religiously personally. I advise blogs, communities and Twitter.
  14. Medme-crop_normal
    susannadee: @SilkCharm Me. I use FB. I advise FB
  15. Bunny_kill_normal
    brendanb: @SilkCharm catatonic, haven’t signed in for months and, amazingly, have no desire to do so.
  16. Me_normal
    rachellems: @SilkCharm Clients: Never Me: Rarely!
  17. Donniedarko_normal
    justkyp: @SilkCharm less and less interested in using Facebook personally these days – much prefer Twitter.
  18. Kiwi_icon_normal
    Apty: @SilkCharm I’ve only dabbled into FB and found it was just a clutter: Invites to Jelly-wrestling apps and Send a friend a blue chihuahua
  19. Fuzu-shoot-2009-bw_normal
    grantyoung: @SilkCharm not using personally that much. i would be very selective in suggesting it (based on context)
  20. Yahoo_coat_normal
    sharminjassal: @SilkCharm Still use FB personally. But with clients, have not recommended it yet. At this point, still watching developments…
  21. _dth1021_b_w_crop_normal
    claudiamob: @SilkCharm Rarely update facebook.
  22. Mpg_normal
    ciarando: @SilkCharm re: FB, a lot of family and friends are there so I check it out maybe once a week or so.
  23. P4200046_3_2_normal
    lyndons: @SilkCharm Re FB 4business: As with most things in the rapidly morphing web, late adopters gain almost no leverage from joining the crowd
  24. Angie_1_200_x_226_normal angie1234p: @SilkCharm If you want to see an excellent use of FB in action, you should look at @askbillmitchell‘s page. He does an excellent job.
  25. Katetribe120_normal
    katetribe: @SilkCharm Facebook has always been more friends than business for me & using it less & less
  26. Startledklingon_normal
    aDB: @SilkCharm I’m using Facebook more now that Tweetdeck brings the status msgs to me
  27. Avatar2_normal
    JaredWoods: @SilkCharm Personally check it about three times a week. Corporate presence is there, but not heavily used. Too much jibba-jabba.
  28. L_33d5f2eea14298abfb71cc65926c0208_normal
    deltakatie: @SilkCharm I still regularly use facebook. It’s how I keep in touch and up to date with friends, family etc.
A bunch of people (maybe 5?) sent me replies but have locked accounts. I don’t publish those with a “lock” on them. After all, unlocked accounts are google-able etc. Locked ones shouldn’t be copied and pasted elsewhere. No-one sent me a DM (Direct message, like private email) which is good.
The internet as a focus group. Of course I know most of these people. By that I mean, I know a bit about each of them, I’ve seen their tweets before, I know where they work, we meet at conferences and workshops.
Easiest blog post I’ve never written. 😛 I wonder if anyone will read it?

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  1. hey! i read it, despite not twittering in the first place!
    fwiw, FB’s a bit of a drag, I use it for personal reasons mainly, and am finding it interesting to see people’s behaviour on FB change over time. It used to be most effective for party invites and events, but now it seems to be a perfunctory but secondary announcement system.
    Also, I don’t think it quite matches the range of complex social relationships that one is involved in.

  2. HI Laurel. I read it. Although I missed the Focus Group, I can attest that I use FB considerably less since Twitter. I find the information more relevant that perhaps a large “friend base” that I see as selectively as I would like. The photo application is useful for archiving so Mum can see pictures overseas of my son, but there is nothing like a Twitpic in real time to say what is happening as it happens. I also like the constant feed of useful information, humor and entertainment as part of the social element. FB didn’t appeal to me. From my surveys (and I have hosted charity events and used my FB database of 400+ to market to, I learned that a person to person email was more effective than a passive invite that went to masses and required that I follow up).
    Hope that was insightful.
    Keep up the great work inspiring all of us…I am looking for you in the Bondi news agency.

    Stephenie Rodriguez

    1. Heh. You have a worshipper @DigitalGodess

      I do think the real power of Facebook Newsfeed is in the “24 of your friends have signed up to this event LINK”. Not the blast YOU send out, but the power of the ripple, word of mouth.

      I had a moment where “84 of my friends” had added a fanpage and it made me rush off to join it. Or at least check it out 😛

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