1. hey! i read it, despite not twittering in the first place!
    fwiw, FB’s a bit of a drag, I use it for personal reasons mainly, and am finding it interesting to see people’s behaviour on FB change over time. It used to be most effective for party invites and events, but now it seems to be a perfunctory but secondary announcement system.
    Also, I don’t think it quite matches the range of complex social relationships that one is involved in.

  2. HI Laurel. I read it. Although I missed the Focus Group, I can attest that I use FB considerably less since Twitter. I find the information more relevant that perhaps a large “friend base” that I see as selectively as I would like. The photo application is useful for archiving so Mum can see pictures overseas of my son, but there is nothing like a Twitpic in real time to say what is happening as it happens. I also like the constant feed of useful information, humor and entertainment as part of the social element. FB didn’t appeal to me. From my surveys (and I have hosted charity events and used my FB database of 400+ to market to, I learned that a person to person email was more effective than a passive invite that went to masses and required that I follow up).
    Hope that was insightful.
    Keep up the great work inspiring all of us…I am looking for you in the Bondi news agency.

    Stephenie Rodriguez

    1. Heh. You have a worshipper @DigitalGodess

      I do think the real power of Facebook Newsfeed is in the “24 of your friends have signed up to this event LINK”. Not the blast YOU send out, but the power of the ripple, word of mouth.

      I had a moment where “84 of my friends” had added a fanpage and it made me rush off to join it. Or at least check it out 😛

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