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I spent some time in Jordan – mostly as a tourist, wandering around Petra and fighting with donkeys. I won.

Hi all,

This is an initiative to start something that will hopefully last for years to come. March 12th of Every year will be called. Blog about Jordan day.

You don’t have to be restricted in what your write. Or the language. All you have to do is dedicate one post on March 12th to be about Jordan.

For this effort I decided to put the support of Qwaider Planet behind it. Not just this blog. Hopefully with everyone’s support this will be such a spectacular event that it will catch the eye of the mainstream media

This blog will be proud to blog about Jordan on March12th.


Q: Do we have to be Jordanian?
A: No, everyone is welcome to Join in on this effort

Q: Does it have to be a positive article?
A: No, you can voice your criticism if you prefer. You can ask for change. You can demand action.

Q: Why 12/3/08?
A: Nothing major happened on this day, so we might as well claim it for writing about Jordan. And the 123 – Jordan is quite nice

Q: Do I have to like Qwaider for this?
A: No, you don’t have to like Qwaider to do this. You’re not doing this for Qwaider. You’re doing it for Jordan. For your opinion and ideas about Jordan.

There’s widgets on that page too, for you to embed.

Maybe we should have a National Blog about Australia day? Sometime leading up to the 2020 Summit? We’ve seen some centralised “dine in” social networks springing up around 2020 discussions, but how about a distributed Blog Carnival? Anyone want to create the widgets? Heh. Not everyone wants to join a social network, some people want to have the discussion at home, on their own blog.

Incidentally and co-incidentally I’m heading off to Saudi Arabia (via Dubai) on Friday 14th March for a few weeks, to keynote and run workshops at an Arab Women’s social network launch. My flights are booked and my passport is back with the visa firmly stuck inside (I picked at it, it’s glued) so if you want me in the near future, better let me know now.

Laurel Papworth

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