1. You might want to note that Blackle is just the first page of http://www.searchincolor.com, a site which has offered google search in color since a much longer time. There are other color combinations on searchincolor which are energy saving..in general a dark background with light text will save energy over a standard white background.


  2. Sadly, the “save energy“ theory doesn’t hold up under analysis. Still, a good promotion for Heap Media.

    Interesting that you got hit with exactly the same comment-spam about darkgoogle.com too.

  3. Its a joke! The site does not even save the energy is suggested. The site preys in the sheepish qualities of the human race to extract a monetary benefit.

    The idea is stolen. If the creator had thought of the idea then one could say the idea was borne out of a genuine desire to help the planet. But no, the idea was stolen with the intention of making money! It is this kind of mentality which causes so much destruction in this world.

    If the owner where truly altruistic, he would donate the funds to worthy causes.

    In addition, he can’t even come up with an original name for the site. He has ripped this off google.

    Lets summarise:

    He has stolen someones else’s idea, he has stolen the name of the site, he has misled the world in the most despicable way – by preying on the simplemindedness of humans in order to turn a profit.

    Absolutely disgusting

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