My Black Friday 2019 Haul – Social Media Manager Toolbox

What social media platforms and software should a social media manager collect on Black Friday? Dunno – but this is MY list!

What did I buy this year during Black Friday, and Cyber Monday? Well, not much as I’m not much of a shopper. What I do tend to buy are good deals – actually great deals – for my business. Anything that is lifetime (rather than those monthly or annual commitments that end up being thousands of dollars and never end). Anyway here’s my list! What was on YOUR list?

My Black Friday/Cyber Monday social media haul 🙂

The majority of these were under $50 for lifetime, a few under $70 for lifetime and a few were 50 bucks for 3 years. The edusocial ones can be more expensive (monthly commitment but a annual Black Friday offer) but they offer a lot more (courses, blog, landing pages, funnels, email, automation, built in).

By the way each title is a link – I have no idea why they aren’t showing! Most of these I’m a ‘friend’ of (I signed up for their invite a friend deal, so I could pass the deal on) and a couple I’m a partner (I get the equivalent of a cup of coffee if you buy my discounted version that is not publicly available). All of them you can bypass my link and buy directly but you may not get the offer that way. Hey I didn’t make the rules!

TITLE (click!)
1BookLikeABossConsultant Calendar Bookings
2TribeOnline Community Forum
3ManyChatMessenger automated bots
4PromoRepublicSocial Media Scheduling
5SociaMonialsSocial Media Competitions etc
6StockUnlimitedSocial Media Images – 3 years
7NewKajabiCorporate Online platform
8TeachableSmall biz online school platform
9Thrivecartshopping cart w affiliates
10RestreamLive Simulcast to Facebook Youtube

Did you get a great deal on geeky software or business tools this week? So much better (more effective and less environment impact) than buying physical products, no?

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