The Australian Financial Review today has an article by Fiona Smith Forget my books, Maister says, look at my blog. You can purchase it online for $3.30 but as, unfortunately, Fiona Smith doesn’t add any value so you might as well read the original piece plus the biography, bibliography and so on, at

Some quotes from that article, Passion, People and Principles.

Mike was right that I don’t see another book in my future. It’s unlikely to bring cheer to the publishing profession, but I think it will be much more effective for professionals to bypass books from now on and make their thoughts and theories available purely through the internet.
In today’s world, it makes no sense to take nine months, on average, to get your material together and the same amount of time again (amazingly) to get it through the process of publication. Then begins the complicated business of marketing the book and by that time, the thoughts contained in the book are largely historic. By the time you’re in print, the odds are high that someone else has already put similar thoughts into play online.

Guess I’ll be binning that book outline I have just finished. *sighs* BTW, its always interesting to read the blogrolls. Mr Maister links to Guy Kawasaki, Malcolm Gladwell and Tom Peter’s blogs, amonst others.

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