miss bimbo
A U.K. Web site allows users — some of whom are as young as 8-years-old — create virtual “bimbos” who can then undergo breast augmentation and take diet pills. (ABCNews Photo Illustration) From ABC website

Bratz pushed the boundaries – the girl dolls have g-strings – but this game takes the cake. Or doesn’t cos, y’know, body conscious 8 year olds know not to eat cake, but to take their weight loss pills.

I think I’d rather the little princesses rugby tackled their brothers to get their hands on a gaming console or into World of Warcraft, and beat the sh*t out of some Orcs and Trolls in online games, than this:

Boob jobs, diet pills and boyfriends are the name of the game for many girls joining a new online game that allows users to do whatever it takes to become “the most famous, beautiful, sought-after bimbo across the globe.”

“Miss Bimbo’s” users — who are primarily teenagers but are as young 8 — create virtual characters known as bimbos, dress them, groom them and can even navigate them right onto a plastic surgeon’s operating table.

In fact, I know I’d rather these girls played World of Warcraft than Miss Bimbo Online.
I thought it was an early April Fool’s Joke when (hat tip) Mark Pesce sent me the link, but sadly, no.

I’m not linking directly to the site. I really don’t want to promote this one. The problem is the parents – what on earth are you doing, while your daughters are dole-ing out diet pills and under the virtual plastic surgeon’s knife, hmmm?