Am I being overly- politically sensitive or does this kind of graffiti suck bigtime?
BigPond Graffiti/Advertising on Second Life/Aboriginal Sacred Space, Uluru

It might only be a virtual world, it might just be Second Life – but I believe we take our values with us. In-and-out of real world, virtual world, doesn’t matter, we reveal who we are at all times.

I don’t really care for what BigPond reveals about themselves … do you?

Incidentally, BigPond went to a lot of trouble to get permission to use Uluru in Second Life – you are not allowed to walk on it for instance. What the hell happened here? o.O For Gawd’s sake, give the community responsibility but don’t let them run amok…. retain some control!

EDIT: Timely post from – Second Life are banning AdFarms.

The good news therefore, is that Network advertising (Ad Farming) will no longer be permitted on the Linden Mainland unless you have a written agreement with Linden Lab (essentially meaning a license to advertise). Anyone currently operating such a business inworld will need to remove their adverts by the 1st October 2008.

Shame it’s not the islands, just the Mainland.

EDIT: Facebook group – Telstra Defaces Uluru – good going, Jacqui McGirr 🙂
Here’s a video – see for yourself.

EDIT: BigPond have now taken down the billboards and here’s a photo so you can make up your own mind of the distance between Uluru and the billboards – they are kangaroos between the two I think.
I refused an interview and refused permission for re-printing of these photos in Sydney Morning Herald. Unfortunately, Asher Moses chose to ignore my statement. My blog is under the CC – Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. *sighs* I specifically said ‘no’ to the photos. Now they are in the Age too. Bloody heritage media clearly don’t understand copyright. Someone kick Asher Moses – who seems to ignore the fact that Second Life has the most concurrent users EVER last week – naughty doesn’t begin to cover the lack of journalistic ethics.

Oh and someone tell him I am presenting at PANPA on Wednesday – you know, the conference for media proprietors and CEOs of newspapers, opened by Kevin Rudd? Sheesh. Noice case study for my preso 😛