1. I would have thought it would be a better idea to ban linkedin if you are paranoid about losing staff?

    how much trouble can staff get in with facebook, unlike interesting material they can discover on youtube or begin to flame potential clients on company twitter accounts.

    If you block these, staff will waste more time working on getting around firewalls, or start using private laptops in the workplace which you have no control over.

  2. Great article.

    Whilst Social networking can be seen as a huge party, common sense should prevail from both employees & employers.

    I once saw a real estate agent’s profile image on Facebook that said, “Amazingly enough I don’t give a shit.” (Great for business).

    I also heard of a woman that was going for a job in a prestigious law firm who was about to get the job, until the employers saw an image of her topless at a party on one of the Social Media sites.

    Understand that employers are also able to use Social Media sites to check you out. Try to keep your bad language under control & juggle your profile around the concept of keeping real & professional at the same time.

    PS: I agree with the concept that if the company won’t lift the firewall change jobs.

    Companies that don’t embrace social media in the workplace are missing out on one of the greatest ways to generate business that was ever created.

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