I headed over to the Financial Time’s site to a piece on the BBC and their revamp. It was titled “BBC’s warns of ‘big shock’ as it signals shake-up of its website“. The snippet they (Emiko Terazono and Aline van Duyn) gave me looked enticing…

The BBC, already the UK’s biggest online brand, yesterday signalled its determination to join the fast-growing web world of blogs, open access and online communities.
The public broadcaster said it would relaunch its website to feature greater personalisation and more user-generated content as it laid out its strategy to adapt to the so-called “web 2.0 world”, where users increasingly create their own online communities.

… but not enticing enough to sign up to FT. Not even for a free trial. Instead I went to the BBC’s press release and heard it from the donkey’s mouth. Where does that saying “donkey’s mouth” come from anyway? Anyone wiki’d it?

From the Beeb press release.

The BBC today unveiled Creative Future, a new editorial blueprint designed to deliver more value to audiences over the next six years and turn the BBC’s public purposes laid out in the recent Government White Paper into quality content for the on-demand world.

Has anyone got a link for that white paper? If they do, lemme know? I’ll post it here later if I find it. Anyway there’s about 3 or 4 press releases here. Another one says this:

Active audiences

Increasingly, audiences of all ages not only want the choice of what to watch and listen to when they want, they also expect to take part, debate, create and control – as partners with the BBC and in their own communities – real or virtual.

Interactivity and user generated content are increasingly important stimuli for the creative process.

Really important stuff here guys; I heartily recommend downloading and devouring it – I sure will. Then again, it’s the weekend. Then again, I don’t get out much.

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