1. Thanks for the hat tip, Laurel. I also posted a fairly lengthy response to JP’s excellent series over at acidlabs. Your readers may be interested.

    As for organisations that block social computing tools, it’s pretty much the norm for Federal Government departments to block any of these sorts of tools, for any number of the reasons we’re used to – distrust, value of information inside the wall, time wasting, productivity, etc. They are still very much on the far-right end of the adoption curve both in terms of uptake and organisational culture. I discuss this in the post linked above.

    This fact alone can make consulting in this space in Canberra a very frustrating experience at times. I’m looking for non-Canberra (or local, more adventurous) clients as a way to relieve my growing frustration.

    JP is on the money, you are on the money, and I like to think I am as well. Business and government will eventually come around. In the meantime, we take it upon ourselves to chip away at the wall around the gardens and try to be resilient about the resistance we face.

  2. And earlier this week I had a meeting with a v large company IT manager who said that she was having difficulty getting people internally to use blogs…. Go figure.

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