1. We’re a little bit behind the Google both if you’d like to find us. You’ve missed out on the food, but there’s a few of us going in and out throughout the day!

  2. I’m reading your blog.

    … just in case I meet you in a dark alley and you beat me up because I am not up to date with your doings.

  3. Gotta prove you wrong; reading your blog AND quoting you in something I’m writing – take that! (Lisa from you know where)

  4. Hi guys, I’m in a *cough*much*cough* better mood now.

    James, are you the d00d I met at the Bloggerzone? *hugs* I liked the Bloggiezone – even though there was no breakfast left by the time I found you at 3pm, and I was completely zonked out. (Well, there was keynote speeches to go to, showbags to collect and stuff to play with) And the jellybeans looked liked they had been licked and returned to the jars on each table. But perhaps thats just because it’s the sort of thing I would do. 12 laptops right? I wish I had known that before, I thought I was going to have to lug my laptop around, in order to blog. Ah well I’ll post properly about CeBIT later.

    Nick, I’m gonna beat ya up anyway. Soz. 🙂

    Lisa, I know exactly who you are and I have a few more extra-special Laurel quotable quotes for you: “social networks improved my sex life, helped me win the lottery and brought peace and prosperity to the known universe”. Also “what’s a URL again?”. Perhaps you prefer “God kills a kitten everytime you fib in a blog, honest!”. and lastly ” of course you’ll never have a rascist, sexist, inflammatory, defamatory, or negative post in your online forum, trust me I’m a social networks strategist”. :p

    There, I really do feel much better now. 🙂

  5. Wow!

    When I get down your way, I’ll phone ahead for a mood check!

    I’d hate to come back to Seattle wounded….

  6. you social thing..! breakfast here, drinks there..so much for maccas’ after the fashion blog thing at art house.

    you have so much fun stuff on your blog…love visitng and seeing what’s new.
    see you sunday for theatresports?

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