I’m listed as #4 in Australia in B&T Online (p 34) that is one of those locked down page turn-ey things. And my link is wrong, as are most bloggers because it uses heritage media hypens to break the line. (for the record, its laurelpapworth.com not www.silkcharm-blogspot.com)

I wonder why ProBlogger fell off the list – which is clearly based on Advertising Age global Power 150, and quite different from Julian’s original list. Problogger is #1 blogger for Australia – streets ahead of the rest of us, in fact #36 in the world and not just marketing. Darren Rowse has done more to promote blogging as a marketing tool in Australia and overseas than anyone. Of course, his marketing reach is not only greater than all of our ‘top’ blogs combined but also greater than B&T. Heh 🙂