1. Thanks for the mention Laurel. I was a little perplexed also I have to say. I guess Marketing is a term that people have quite different interpretations of. Oh well.

    Congrats on being in the list though – a worthy mention for sure!

  2. Congrats Laurel!

    And agreed about Darren – he should have his own _page_ in the B&T article.

    On a side note, what about blogs with multiple contributors? I blog on AdAge's #12 ranked blog, does that make it a (partially) Australian marketing blog? ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I agree with you about Problogger; I think its because his stuff is about blogging and not about blogging about marketing / PR in a more traditional sense. OTH you could say my blog has too much politics to be said to be a marketing blog

  4. Yeah I think Trevor is right about the mixed topics. It is always hard to classify blogs and probably depended upon what was on the front page of ProBlogger the day the journalist was doing his research.

    Having said that – there are a variety of blogs in the list that cover topics that are not strictly or traditionally ‘marketing’ and that mix it up quite a bit.

    Ultimately though I just think it is great that Aussie blogs are getting press and congratulate BT for giving the topic some space!

  5. yes Darren the list is far from clear but yes it is great that bloggers are getting coverage in a mag that targets corporate communicators – an audience we all need to reach

  6. You deserve acclaim by everyone sweetie – even teh bad ol’ heritage media! *hugs* BTW no surprise they “forgot” Darren ;P

  7. Ah, on the B&T article, it explains the ranking methodology – it's close to the AdAge method but not quite – 20% Alexa rating, 20% Google PR, 40% Technorati links and 20% weighting for the relevance to Australian marketing. Makes a bit more sense regarding Darren's omission since he has a broader audience ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. true shor – although interestingly my Alexa ranking is considerably higher for Australia than any other country ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course that could just be me hitting refresh all day on my site…

  9. I feel that Darren’s primary focus is how to write a successful blog. Yes, occasionally posts lead to how this can be used as a marketing tool, but the core focus is blogging in general, whether this is marketing or cooking.

    Congratulations! Even if they did make a few mistakes with URLs, including the need to put a “/” on the end of everything…

  10. Boys, you need to define "marketing" for me. If it's
    – tips on how to communicate with the public,
    – 13 tips on how to have great conversations on your blog,
    – affiliate marketing and Twitter,
    – 5 ways to optimize your blog and capture repeate visitors,
    – How to get featured on CNN and NY Times
    – plus all the other how to blog stuff to do promotions and market your business
    .. then problogger is marketing blog about marketing using blogs.

    I realise that B&T wanted it not to look like navel gazing – bloggers blogging tips about blogging will naturally come top – but in that case, I should drop off too. After all, if Darren blogs about blogs then I blog about online communities. Not that I am worthy of being in the same sentence as Problogger ๐Ÿ˜›

    Never mind. Just remember – we do marketing using a tool called blogging. Blogging is not an end in itself. Well for most of us anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Laurel, someone actually raised that exact point about your blog focused on social networks, but I’d disagree and say you are very orientated towards marketing in this area.

    If I wrote a blog about films and occasionally mentioned an awesome movie campaign, does that make me a marketing blogger? Even if movies can be used as a marketing tool?

    But I do agree, Problogger is pretty much awesome.

  12. … but Problogger doesn’t write about films. He writes about blogging as a marketing tool.

  13. First off there is no doubting that Darren (Problogger) has done more for the marketing of blogging than anyone else in Australia and is a role model to all else on how to run a successful blog.

    I just thought I would clear a few things up in regards to the list. The list is actually based off my Top 50 Australian Marketing Pioneers Blogs.

    I met with one of the editors of B&T awhile ago and told him about the list that I had, I told him that it would be great to get coverage in the magazine. I gave the magazine first dibs on publishing the list, the full list (110+ blogs) is going to be published on my blog.

    When I made the new list, I defined โ€˜Marketing Blogsโ€™ as blogs that โ€˜primarilyโ€™ focus on Marketing, I believe that Problogger and professional blogs focus on blogging and Blogging is broader than just Marketing (I kind of think about it the way that Business is a broader topic than just Marketing). However this list is an ever evolving piece of work (in the news lists I have excluded measure on RSS feeds since the last list), I believe this should be driven by what the community is after that is why I have stated on my blog that if the community wants professional blogging blogs in there, I am happy to put it in.


  14. Hi

    The problem with those list, is that human made, and by poeple that most of the time are not experts, they simply get paid for it, so they “surf” a little bit, or ask a friend.

    Do you really believe that The Forbes top 100 billionaire rich-list is accurate ? I’m sure is not!

    Recently I read a book on Spain Internet History… and the most notorious Internet promoter, and the most prominent portal (today still number 2, and owned by the biggest Spanish company) is not in the list!

    Anyway!!! congrats for your nomination!

  15. @Darren, I don't think journalists of B&T have understood what you do yet, so they have put you in the blog category.

    Fred Schebesta

    P.S. YAY I squeezed in at #43!

  16. Congrats on the #4 spot Laurel. I came in at #74… ๐Ÿ™‚ which I’m chuffed at after only 3 months on the new blog

  17. I was #7 on Julian's list – then omitted from the B&T article (probably because it is obvious that while I am Australian I blog from London) – which moved everyone after 7 in the rankings up one place in the B&T article.

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