I’ve felt a bit like a voice in the wilderness, claiming Australians blog, we just don’t do it in a centralised, countable way (Blogger and WordPress are overseas sites). Certainly there have been some PR and media bloggers who say that Australians don’t blog or engage in User Generated Content (Consumer Generated Media). They were wrong and now we have stats (pdf) to prove it:

The report has identified that among CGM activities, consumers are most likely to share/send photos and links, with content sharing and distribution generally seen as the initial entry point to CGM activity engagement – 84 percent of Australian and 88 percent of New Zealand internet users use Web 2.01 for sharing content such as photos, links and video while similar proportions consume CGM content (83% in Australia and 88% in New Zealand). Around 78 percent of Australians and 76 percent of New Zealanders download and stream audio and video content.

Here’s the actual chart showing bloggers:

Incidentally if those figures are right – and wouldn’t you say Nielsen‘s is a leader in this field? – then Australia has better figures on Consumer Generated Media than the rest of the world. See? Not backward at all 🙂

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